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20-Aug-2017 10:56

However, users' printers are usually located near and configured at their client devices.The process of getting server-generated print jobs to a client-specified printer can be complicated.

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I hope this helps anyone else who experiences the same frustrating bug.

This was a brand new Lenovo PC out of the box with Windows 8.1 pre-installed.

My first step was to run the free upgrade to Windows 10.

The problem is that some systems – particularly older ones – may not be able to handle the Creators Update, Microsoft said.

The US giant has been focusing on updating newer kit first, since it feels that hardware is less likely to run into difficulties, and has stopped automatically offering the latest Windows 10 upgrade to computers it suspects will suffer from breakdowns.

For example, the big update has already run into problems with some types of Broadcom Bluetooth LE radios: the code was killing connections with accessories, apparently.