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John speaks of his work as “the words of this prophecy” (Rev. The first instinct of many interpreters is to think of “prophecy” as “murky prediction about some future event.” Revelation has been read as “prophesying” events in John’s own immediate future (the reading).These three approaches share the assumption that, by “prophecy,” John primarily indicates that he is communicating predictions about specific events that will unfold at some point in his first audience’s future, and that his predictions are the interpretative key to the book.On 19 October 2012 the Metropolitan Police Service launched a formal criminal investigation, Operation Yewtree, into historic allegations of child sexual abuse by Savile and other people, some still living, over four decades.It stated that it was pursuing over 400 lines of inquiry, based on the claims of 200 witnesses, via 14 police forces across the UK.

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It described the alleged abuse as being "on an unprecedented scale", and the number of potential victims as "staggering".

The report of the investigations undertaken jointly by the police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Giving Victims a Voice, was published on 11 January 2013.

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Prophecy was essentially a “word of the Lord” breaking into the situation of the Lord’s people who need guidance, encouragement, or a call to repentance and recommitment; it was also a regular experience in the worship life of the Pauline churches (Rom. The risen and glorified Lord speaks a word to the churches through the prophet John, affirming their strengths, diagnosing their weaknesses, calling them to faithful action, threatening judgment upon the recalcitrant and promising favor for the penitent and faithful.