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In 2012, he checked himself into rehab for a prescription pill problem. Now that’s a ’ Heidi Montag is perhaps the person who tried the hardest to sustain her reality fame. Ashley Parker Angel was the spiky-haired heartthrob in O-Town, but when the boy band called it quits in 2003, he tried his hand at a solo career that was documented by another short-lived reality show – and signing endorsement deals for things like Devotion Vodka and a vitamin line for GNC.Season 6's initial drawing point was the Hotter and Sexier cast, including a former Playboy Playmate, fitness trainers, professional wrestlers, and the prerequisite models and actors.Though it might have the most attractive cast ever, all of the friend and family teams were eliminated early on, meaning the top 6 teams were made up entirely of young couples, and that meant there was fighting... With five of the top six teams constantly at each others' throats, the highest concentration of equalizers of any season of the show, and one of the most hated winners ever, it's easy to say that it is not one of the more popular seasons.The estranged couple are still arguing over the welfare of their kids, although, two of the sextuplets have decided to refrain from seeing their father.Kate has appeared on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars and an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, where she switched places with Kendra Wilkinson.Jonny’s greatest move was planned before the game even started.Before he left home, Jonny assumed there would be some sort of family visit challenge.

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Burton was upset with Jonny, but the two buried the hatchet and became very friendly, controlling the votes after the tribal merger.

But once he and Kate split, he went wild – becoming tabloid fodder in no time flat.