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Tony, 56, was a close friend and next door neighbor of Frieda Hull before she passed.He reveals that Hull had confided in him about Monroe’s secret pregnancy and claims the ‘pregnant slides’ are genuine evidence that she was with child.(PHOTO COURTESY CARIBOU UNGAVA) A close-up view of the 2.5-lb, ,000 camera collars mounted on 14 pregnant female caribou in northern Quebec to help researchers determine calf survival and other factors that may be impacting the Leaf River herd, a food source crucial to Nunavimmiut which declined to below 200,000 animals in 2016 from an estimated 630,000 animals in 2001.(PHOTO COURTESY CARIBOU UNGAVA) There is a lot of close-up tundra munching, baby grooming, forward movement and panning left and right across the landscape.Tammy Swanger tweeted: “Watching the "little" dude gallop in circles has been bringing me so much joy.

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In March 2016, they decided to outfit some pregnant female caribou with camera collars as a way to gauge how many calves are surviving to the fall and maybe get some clues as to why.

The camera stays live until the parents have their little ones ready to fly about 30 days after they’re born.