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I DJ'ed the first hour, then Boys Noize did an hour, and then we started going back and forth, tag-teaming. Playing on the same mixer (me on Serato, him on CDJ's) made it really fun to tag-team because we were freaking the effects during each other's mixes.

And it actually helped that we don't play the same type of tracks because we were never stepping on each other's toes, musically speaking.

He landed at almost 2am but was still able to come and DJ because these German parties go laaaaate. I asked this guy who actually makes videos to film the gig for me; I think he was really high because he literally filmed the disco ball for the whole night.

And disco balls aren't kind to the autofocus function. That club was wild, there was giant candy everywhere and all these people in strange costumes dancing on stage: a bunny rabbit, a few horror masks and schoolgirl uniforms. We did at least 1000 people each night, it was a great first run.

We had unprecedented access and a platform bound only by our own resourcefulness. “There was a moment in time where they didn’t know what the fuck to do, though, and that was fun.” “That was tight! “I never seen anybody with a platinum chain on that I was like, ,” Ingersoll explains.

“That’s not tight to me.”) Too savvy to shop themselves out to labels, the duo spent years sharing tracks exclusively through Myspace or mp3 blogs before they even released an official EP.

The next day was Berlin, with a surprise appearance by our broham DJ Mehdi.

Mehdi's flight was delayed for like 8 hours or something ridiculous like that.

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Result:4 I suppose you probably get the idea by now.

Perhaps true to his curious nature, A-Trak is not a Luddite DJ, one who refuses to turn a technological corner.

Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.… continue reading »

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