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As he begins to deal with the culture shock of living in a very capitalist Liberty City, Niko also attempts to make good on his secret vendetta—to find a “ special someone” who betrayed him (and others) during the war.

As he continues his hunt, Niko encounters, works with, and occasionally befriends a wide variety of unsavory characters from all walks of life, offering his services to them as a gun for hire.

It is implied that she is very wealthy due to where she lives, and the comments she makes to Niko, such as "Nice car, I bought one just like it for my maid" for example.

She likes fashion, exercising, plastic surgery, coke, and blogging.

When you walk in the front door there is a guard behind the desk.

If you killed Playboy in the "The Holland Play" mission and Dwayne gave you his apartment as a safehouse, go to it.

The game was built on RAGE, an engine that Rockstar developed, first used in Rockstar's Table Tennis, circa 2006.

Set in the late 2000s, the story follows Niko Bellic, a veteran of the Yugoslav Wars who turned to crime in an attempt to track down the traitor who got his squad killed.It is believed Alex is bisexual, judging from her blog.